The Shoticle is based on research conducted by a team of professors that ran millions of computer simulations to identify the highest percentage shots, and the research was tested and confirmed by players at many levels.

Test Shot Location Grid

After simulating 40,000 bank shots and 40,000 direct shots at each location in the image above, the researchers concluded that the highest percentage shot is provided by a vertical aim line behind the backboard that intersects with a series of aim lines on the plane of the backboard.  The Shoticle is mounted in these given locations to provide the highest percentage shot with a very clear intersection point.

Shoticle Dimensions


Hanging the Shoticle on your backboard will give you these target locations.  If science dictates the proper target locations and it works for the greatest players of the game, it will work for you too.  Try it yourself to see how well it works, and add a new aspect to your game.

The Shoticle increases your shooting percentage by various percentages based on the location of your shot.  In the image below, the colors indicate the expected percent increase in the chance of making a bank shot over a direct shot.

Preferred Shot Areas